Payroll and Christmas

Many employers give their employees a gift at Christmas, but have you considered whether there are any tax implications – and therefore payroll considerations – for the employee as a result of a Christmas gift. Here we look at forms … Continue reading

Payroll: To Outsource or Keep in House?

This is a key decision for most small businesses. Small businesses tend not to have a dedicated payroll/HR department. It’s often looked after by one of the directors/managers for whom it is one of many other responsibilities. As an outsourced … Continue reading

4 Reasons to outsource your payroll

Most businesses in the UK are small businesses, and many of these have less than 20 employees. These businesses often don’t have a specialist HR or payroll department, with such functions being handled by directors whose skill might not be … Continue reading

Gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap reporting, introduced in April 2017 for employers with 250 or more staff, is not seen as an unqualified success. That said, it is still worth working with your outsourced payroll provider to ensure that you are as … Continue reading