New Payroll Year – New Pay Rates

The new payroll year begins on 6 April 2020, which means that there are a range of new payroll rates for the national living wage and national minimum wage that employers need to be aware of in order to comply … Continue reading

Do I Really Have to Have a Payroll?

Many of our clients are smaller businesses who do not have in house HR or payroll departments. We have seen these businesses grow over the years. Some started as one-man bands and we were often asked the question whether, when … Continue reading

Payroll and Christmas

Many employers give their employees a gift at Christmas, but have you considered whether there are any tax implications – and therefore payroll considerations – for the employee as a result of a Christmas gift. Here we look at forms … Continue reading

Payroll: To Outsource or Keep in House?

This is a key decision for most small businesses. Small businesses tend not to have a dedicated payroll/HR department. It’s often looked after by one of the directors/managers for whom it is one of many other responsibilities. As an outsourced … Continue reading