Payroll and Auto Enrolment

Is Your Payroll Set Up for Workplace Pensions and Automatic Enrolment? If you are an SME and you are having to deal with the payroll requirements of Workplace Pensions and Automatic Enrolment, chances are you might be finding it quite … Continue reading

Automatic Enrolment and On-Going Duties

What Happens When Auto-Enrolment has Happened and the Workplace Pension has Started? So far, according to The Pensions Regulator, about 8 million people have been enrolled into a workplace pension by 600,000 companies. That’s great news for them, as they … Continue reading

Declaration of Compliance and Fines

£400 Fine for Late Filing of Declaration of Compliance Forms The whole area of Workplace Pensions has caused confusion amongst companies, especially SMEs, who often do not have the staffing levels needed to be able to comfortably manage the time … Continue reading

Confused by Auto-Enrolment?

For many companies, especially smaller companies that don’t have a dedicated in-house HR function to take the strain, Automatic Enrolment can be a complex and time consuming payroll issue when it comes to payroll. We can help guide and support … Continue reading

Exemptions to Auto-Enrolment

Are There Exemptions to Auto-Enrolment for Workplace Pensions? Workplace Pensions have been enshrined in law for quite some time now, and the process involved for companies to set up these schemes is called Auto-enrolment. Auto enrolment has been rolling out … Continue reading

Auto Enrolment and Payroll

What Tasks Does a Payroll Need to Carry Out for Auto Enrolment? Workplace Pensions have been with us for a while now, and the process for employers for getting it all underway is called auto enrolment. This can be a … Continue reading